"A lone cello player practising in Westerpark inspired me while I was out running during lockdown, early 2021. I realised
how I missed live music, the energy of people making and enjoying it together. I wanted to create something enabling people to make music together, to share a common goal and move towards it, no matter who they were or what they have."

The Tinkle Drum started as a barrel with a handle then turned into a giant drum that revolves when people walk together inside it, encouraging collaboration and movement. As the drum rotates, prongs mounted on the outer strike keys to make music. At night it lights up as each note is struck—powered by solar and the people turning the drum.


Nothing is needed to experience the work other than participation: gather others, step into the drum and take steps together. ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon is the default tune, but as it's re-programmable, people can make their own composition.

During the protests for peace in 2022, The Tinkle Drum will play 'Give Peace A Chance' to stand in solidarity with Ukraine.


The Tinklers are collaborating with Frog from Burning Man, Medi's from Germany and the GreenKiwi's from Kiwiburn's Sustainability Team, to develop a unique model to calculate our carbon footprint (or carbon tinkle).


We have two points of focus for 2022:
a) reduce art carbon transport emissions
b) reduce embodied carbon with recycled art materials and efficient sourcing and human power!

To measure our emissions, the team will apply CO2e models developed for events such as MediMeisterschaften, Kiwiburn, and now Burning Man 2022, Waking Dreams. The goal is to offer these models to other artists to calculate their art CO2e impact.


With a diverse crew from around the world, a large build, and a distant destination(!) we are taking all steps to minimise the impact of transport, shipping and materials. This includes creating a modular design that allows for a smaller prototype build in Amsterdam, made with local recycled materials where possible.


In commercial society today there is this growing idea that music is created by the few and the fortunate. As the commercial, media, and popular music industries have become intertwined, the line between music as art and as commerce has blurred. This piece aims to challenge that. 


"As a woman artist, creative, and DJ, I've been held back by expectations, biases, and perfectionism for years. Burning Man made me realise that creative success has nothing to do with fulfilling societal and cultural norms.


This piece is about art and music being forand byall of us. Music can be created by everyone, it's about sharing, participating and creating together with what we have."

Once built, we invite every participant to share a song, lyric or poem by an indigenous artist that represents their culture, and inscribe it on the drum - a display of diversity and unity.


We're making a conscious effort to source sustainably. For a list of materials and estimated budget, click the link.

Drum base: 2x4 beams, bearings, steel axel.
Drum inside: Recycled pallet wood.
Drum outer: Recycled pallet wood, mesh/sheet metal (reclaimed if possible), recycled nitrous oxide canisters for pegs
Instrument keys: Secondhand lyra/glockenspiel parts mounted on wood, recycled plastic hammer and ply mechanisms, sheet-metal gramophones.

Instrument hammers: Recycled plastic glockenspiel hammers and percussion mallets with tyre rubber base pad to work like a kick drum when hit by the nos canister as the drum rotates.


Have an idea for or source of recycled materials? 

Want to support the project? You can.