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We're a group of artists and engineers from Auckland, Amsterdam,  London and beyond who like to collect trash and regenerative materials to make cool things. We created two interactive sculptures in 2022, including The Tinkle Drum, and Beats Fire in 2023, a steel heart that fires up in sync with your heartbeat. Get in touch to find out what's next or collab.

Bibi PRofile.jpg

Bibi Bliekendaal - Concept Artist / Creative Director. Kiwi, Dutchie, the person to blame for all this. An artist who spans across writing, music, installations and moving image. A creative professional with 15 years experience ideating and producing experiences, campaigns, sites and films for global brands, now dedicating time to sustainable sculpture and studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy.

Joshua Jordan - Mechatronics Engineer. Attended Burning Man 2016. Helped build Singularity Art Piece 2018. Contributed to Hijinxx camp build, KiwiBurn ‘20. Josh has a degree in robotics and spends his time making meaningful things using software, creativity and machine learning. He cares about working with good people to solve challenging problems and make a difference. Currently engineering Roboat, Amsterdam's fleet of autonomous boats.


Geveta Cook - Advisor. Core admin and build crew member Auckland Burner’s The Giant Weta project, 2016 Burning Man Art Grant recipient. Signing Officer for the legal entity Kiwiburn Incorporated and Executive Committee organising member of its event Kiwiburn, a Regional Burning Man event, 2016-2021. Kiwiburn's current Arts Facilitator (standing in for Paul who is on a sabbatical). Also a founding member and treasurer for The Rusty Joint Theme Camp, KiwiBurn 17, 18 and 20. 10 Year attendees of Kiwiburn. 

Ataif Kahn-Edmunsson - Mechanical Engineer. Attended Burning Man ‘16. Helped build Singularity Art Piece ‘18. Contributed to Hijinxx camp build, KiwiBurn ‘20. Ataif studied mechanical engineering, and conducted heavy research into the acoustic emissions of artificial hip joint replacements, and methods of sensing these vibrations. He spent two years on aircraft interior design and has also designed and modified parts for refrigerators to reduce vibration, increase energy efficiency and reduce cost.

Yelappa Visser - Project Manager/Content Generator/Promoter. Attended Africa Burn ‘18, artist, sustainable designer, social worker. During her Bachelor of Social Work in Amsterdam Yelappa consciously chose to focus her minor study on  'diversity (in the big city)'. She is an activist for diversity and inclusivity and uses this as theme in her (art)work.

Matt Swenson - Creative Technologist. Attended Burning Man 15-17, helped the Nutz camp facilitate safety around fire dances, maintained camp light and sound structures while launching daily anti-moop events. Specialist in virtual and augmented reality world creation, coder by day, creative by night.

David Pronker - Designer/Aesthetics/Promoter. Sustainable designer and clothing designer. By day: helps the environment by giving second hand clothing a second chance in an original and artistic way.

Jonathan Kleinschiphorst -  Mechanical Engineer turned Software Engineer. Also a mediocre volleyball player who likes to build stuff from trebuchets to exodkeletons. Winner of the 2018 Cybathlon Experience competition in Düsseldorf, and ASML scholarship recipient (preparing future technology leaders for the high-tech industry). Currently engineering Roboat and analysing Playa wind and uplift forces. Might be Dutch. Might also be French.


Cid Davenall - Industrial Design Engineer.  Active in the Burning Man community since 2006, feet on the playa in 2009. Artist, writer, editor, deejay, visionary, and creator in all mediums for over twenty years with degrees in Engineering Process Development, Industrial Design, Metalwork, and Entrepreneurism. He works as a Mechanical Engineer for the ADA community, specializing in sustainable advanced composites. He has worked on projects such as Traffic Tramp Camp, Truffula Tree Oasis, Wish, and The Story Portal. You'll find him at The Full Circle Teahouse or US ForesTea Service sipping on pu-erh.

2019.07.22 Ain Frog Tim Barry -- photo -- Burning Man.JPG
Andy J.JPG


Tim Barry / Ain Frog - Architect, Renewables for Artists Team
Frog started in the Peace Corps and has been volunteering ever since. In his forty plus years as an architect he specialised in the design of schools, museums, and planetarium. In the 1990s Frog was instrumental in developing LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. Now, he works with various Burning Man groups, contributing to Burners Without Borders, Sustainability Lab, the Renewables for Artists Team, Regional Burns around the globe – and is mentoring various art projects to be more “green” by applying gold standard sustainability practices.


Andy Justice - Logistics

Chair & Treasurer of Kiwiburn - Burning Man’s longest running Regional Burn event outside of the USA. In default world was a consultant in logistics and finance, all now being put to good use at the Tinkle Drum project.  Likes creating networks and hooking people up to make the magic of music and art happen, and has special interests in Sustainablity, RIDE, Peace initiatives, and collaborations with local communities and the Tinkle Drum puts them all together – a magic combination!!

Yarin Snapir - Software Developer

Attended Burning Man '16 with Kostume Kult camp and was part of the setup crew. Attended Kiwiburn '18, '20 and '21. Designed and built Mate Roulette, an interactive art installation for Kiwiburn '21, and is currently part of Kiwiburn’s Sustainability Committee. The Tinkle Drum will benefit from his general technical and communication skills, and two working hands.

Cass(andra) Kenworthy - Project Manager / Transportation Engineer.

Founding Member of Bedlam Apocalyptica camp, Kiwiburn ‘20 and fellow Kiwiburn Sustainability Committee member. What she lacks in musical talent Cass makes up for in running ability and is well equipped to operate the Tinkle Drum. She’ll be part of the build team in Reno and the crucial #feedthebuilders crew. Cass is a passionate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion advocate and champion for women in engineering.  

Jodie & Paul G - Explorers, Art Lovers & Project Managers

Artistic and creative… or one of them is anyway, while the other makes up for it with enthusiasm and good process. We’ll let you work out which is which! Jodie and Paul thrive on supporting communities and working together to create better outcomes. They can’t wait to return to BRC 89412, to be part of a community that challenges traditional thinking and to help bring Bibi’s artist vision for this project to life.


Tany Caseanu aka Kitty Chanel - Camp Support

Co-founder & co-leader of Kiwiburn camp Devour & Delight. Creator of the Compost Monster, a sustainable, interactive art project. Part of Kiwiburn Town Planning 2021, map + art trail map designer. Tany is also a motion graphics artist, illustrator, immersive space creator, and is busy with a children's book promoting emotional development & teaching personal growth.



Alex(andra) Dobriyanova - Creative Copywriter

Integrative thinker who dabbles in film, philosophy, and art to understand media, culture and society. As a Creative Business undergrad and film school dropout, she’s on a mission to create work that empowers self-expression and helps celebrate it both online and off the grid.

The Generator

MASSIVE thanks to the amazing humans at The Generator who supported this project build to no end. We couldn't have done it without you. Thank you.  


Thanks to the Burning Man Renewables for Artists Team. We're incredibly grateful for the collab <3 

The GreenKiwis and the Medi's

The Tinklers will be collaborating with the GreenKiwi's from Kiwiburn's Sustainability Team to develop a unique model to calculate our carbon footprint (or carbon tinkle). 

Kaptein Ron at Rust 'n Dust

A big thanks to Ron and his crew at Bogota / Metal and Installation Art for allowing us to share their space for our Amsterdam prototype build. 

De Slag Werkplaats: 'Recycled xylofoon, marimba, vibrafoon en klokkenspielen'

A big thanks to the whole crew who are helping to source keys and recycled parts. 


Huub van Leeuwen - First contributor, donor, first to come have a play and storage offerer person! THANK YOU.

Rita Jordan - Your grandson loves you too.
Robert Cadd - First stranger to contribute! THANK YOU.

Reshma Bhagwanbali - Thanks for featuring BB Queen at your gig, appreciate your support!

Ange Smith - We love ya, thank you.

Felicity and Ding - Thank you for your support and all you do.

Ron Bliekendaal - Love your ongoing support and excitement about all my projects. Thank you x

Carin Riemens - Thank you for all you do and have done over the years. 

Piya Huisman - Immensely generous, thank you for your donation! 

Vicky O'Neill - Thank you for your energy and generosity as always!

Marsha Wijnants - Thanks Marsha for all you do. We'll borrow more tools soon ;)

Arne Lindholm - First person to support and listen for way too long! THANK YOU.

Joop Van Herk - Thanks mum. <3

Vicky O'Neill - Thank you! Hope the travels go well. 
Holly Angel - Immense gratitude for your support and vibes, right from the beginning, when a bunch of unruly lads turned up to your camp and you took a chance on them...and on it goes <3 ​​

Bart Prins - Thank you! Meeeeeeh!​

Iris Du - You party donation is super. Thank you!!!
Mark Walter - Legend thanks mate!

Cynthia Fleischmann - Your support means so much to us. THANK YOU!

Frozen Oasis Camp - We can't wait to see you on the Playa! The Frozen Oasis art grant is so humbly received - we are so excited to bring this to life and create music with you. xx

Hippie Tim - Your support means the world to us. Big shoes to follow.

Peter Wells - Feeling the love man! Thanks for supporting us.  

Rob Power - Thank you so much mate. 

Brenda (Fossa) - You're awesome, thank you!

Mooniek Crijns - Really appreciate your support, thank you.

Jill Sutherland - So much appreciate your donation. Thank you Jill!

David Mills - Cheers David, your donation makes a big difference.

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